Borje Jonsson & Malcolm FH

First up we have a compamy/trailer skin for Borje Jonsson. This was originally posted on the 2nd but I forgot to put the blog up. Go me. However it has since been updated since then and is now green (the picture I was given made it impossible to tell the actual colour) as it should be. A Cab skin will follow shortly.




We now also have a Malcolm on the Volvo FH/16.

Although the original Malcolm design would have the blue side bar stop where the white of the roof starts, it really didn’t look right on this Volvo. So I’ve used a bit of creative license and carried it up onto the side of the roof.


Big Stobart Mod v0.2.5



So I have decided to update the BSM a little bit.

First thing to note is that I have removed some compost cargo as I felt it didn’t seem right being despatched/received by certain companies. It is unlikely that this will cause any issues for you if you happen to be pulling the cargo, however it is still suggested to finish any runs you are on before updating the mod. Always better to play it safe.

I have also added a new Tesco trailer to the mix.


As always; see the changes page for a full list of updates.