Urgent Update & Malcolm Updates

First off; for anyone who downloaded my Phoebe Grace 2012 update with the lightbar last night (or before 10am UTC Thursday) please update it immediately with the latest version.

There was an error with the material file that could cause mod incompatibilities with other lightbar mods if the modders happened to make the same mistake I did. This has now been fixed, it is suggested you update the mod immediately.

Also I have updated the Malcolm trucks again, I have finally managed to find the Elan font that is used for the Malcolm logos so have updated the trucks with the correct fonts. I have also corrected a spelling error that appears on one side of the roof text, I missed this in the original release, sorry about that.

Also I have now updated the 2012 FH Malcolm to include a lightbar.


later today I will also be updating the Borje Jonnson, Mason Bros & Michael Jepsen Volvos to include the lightbars for them as well.

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