Freddy “I don’t steal other’s work!”

So yes, as of December 1st, Freddy Jimmink has decided to steal one of my skins and claim it as his own.

This is not the first time Freddy has done this to people, in fact if you search him in google you get a whole load of results where he has stolen people’s work, claimed “similarities” or “they stole my work” (and then links to something he claims to have made that is similar.) Same routine every time.

Well Freddy, you got a bit more than you bargained for with me.

Now my Malcolm skin had some custom pieces on it, things you would not find on a real Malcolm livery, that I added because I felt it suited the Volvo 2012 better than the original style. But rather than me explain it to you, I’m just going to show you.

Enjoy the video. (Word of warning there is some bad language in there.)