Random Tidbits



So here’s a random tidbit.

When making the Stobart rugby trailer, I had some issues when trying to use the photo of the back of the trailer I had taken. So when it came time to doing the faded, motion blur I couldn’t replicate it. The real thing is of course a rugby pitch. But rather than scour Google Images for a decent playing field image, I decided to take a picture of my back garden. Using layers and the transparency option I copied it over itself 5 times to give it length. I did look for a couple of sponsors that were relevant to the rugby league at the time (that’s the blue bits) as well to make it look like the sponsor boards at the sides.



So there you have it, the back of my Stobart rugby league trailer has a picture of my back garden on it.

Why did I tell you this? Simple really; I have seen two people who have taken my work and claimed it as their own. While I am not going to confront them about it, it sure as hell made me laugh when I saw it.


Another random tidbit.



When making the Malcolm charity skin that Stobart pulled, I had trouble finding a good picture straight on of the side. So the faded lines on the blue part became a marker to tell if any one used my skins. I intentionally made all the lines not line up with the real trailer. This means if any one tried to claim it as their own, all I would have to do is take a screen shot and super impose one over the other, if they line up, there is no way they can say they did it themselves.