Template Update.

For those who haven’t seen what patch 1.9x has to offer, there Scania Streamline Highline has been updated to include the correct wind kit with the high rear spoiler.



This is available to download with the rest of the templates via the “Tools & Extras” page.

As an example of what the Scania S Highline looks like here’s it on a (W.I.P) Malcolm skin.


3 thoughts on “Template Update.”

  1. Hey there. I know your post says you can find this new template on the Tools and Extras page but I don’t see a separate link for it on that page besides the default truck templates link and it is not in that particular rar file of templates.

      1. Awesome. Thanks a lot for the quick response and update on that man. And thank you for the separate link because I’m on satellite internet and we have a pretty crappily low data limit of only 10gigs a month so every meg saved is precious to me….stupid flippin companies just won’t bring us any landlines out here in the country

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