Update 1.10x & Scania V4 issues

For those that haven’t yet noticed, the Scania V4 front grill mod by Maghetto no longer works with some of the SCS created skins. This is due to the new UVmap they added in 1.9.

They have now updated their own skins (unnecessarily really) to use the new UVmap. This means many if not all SCS default patterned skins & DLC skins will not work with the V4 mod anymore, unless someone updates the mod to use the new UVmap. This issue will only affect the Scania R (not Streamline) and only affects skins that are made using the new UVmap.


It’s worth noting that this may also be an issue to other mods, like the truck shop mods, that alter any part of the truck model and having been updated to include new UVmap compatibility.

Widdowson – Skin Updates 2

Truck skins updated for Patch 1.10x (part 2):

DHL (includes fixed skin for new Merc template)
LA Green
DF MIller
Glasgow Rangers
Spiers & Hartwell
Arr Craib
Borje Johnsson

This completes the list of trucks that need updating, with exception to the Stobart skins.

Also added is a skin for Widdowson


Skin Updates – Patch 1.10x

So I have updated the first batch of skins to be compatible with patch 1.10 – Updates are:

Harry Lawson
Mark Thompson
David Murray
P&C Hamilton
Mason Bros
William D Lister

More coming tomorrow.

I have a plan for the Stobart trucks, so I will be updating those once the others are out of the way.

1.10x Patch issues

So patch 1.10 is out, and with it come some unnecessary and frankly annoying changes from SCS.

For reasons known only to themselves, SCS have decided to remove the mirrors and door handle from the base_colour part of the sii file and move it to a microscopic point on the DDS file.

While the fix is easy (if time consuming), this means many paint-jobs will now show mirrors/door handles that are the wrong colour. In most cases they will probably be white.

What this does mean is I have to fix 50+ paint jobs (as will many other skinners I imagine)

I will update as I can and post blog updates in groups as I can.


Other changes include the Scania R template and Merc/Majestic Template. The Scania R template has the door handle on one side of the cab, I have added this in red to make it visible on the templates. This affects all cab sizes of the R model. The Merc (largest) also has a few minor updates so I have updated those. The templates have already been updated and available to download now.

The Big Malcolm Mod v1




I’m currently happy with the BMM and have decided to release version 1. If any one spots any issues do let me know. 

Full details & download link can be found on the Big Malcolm Mod page and BMM Changes page. 

Skins include curtain, fridge, walking floor, tanker and the Charity Cancer trailer (pulled by Stobart, but added to this mod by request). 

Company replaces LKWLog.


Please Note: Credit for the cancer trailer model goes to czak (original), Freezer (GTS Update,) and axelrol (ETS2 update.) The skin is my own work.