Update 1.10x & Scania V4 issues

For those that haven’t yet noticed, the Scania V4 front grill mod by Maghetto no longer works with some of the SCS created skins. This is due to the new UVmap they added in 1.9.

They have now updated their own skins (unnecessarily really) to use the new UVmap. This means many if not all SCS default patterned skins & DLC skins will not work with the V4 mod anymore, unless someone updates the mod to use the new UVmap. This issue will only affect the Scania R (not Streamline) and only affects skins that are made using the new UVmap.


It’s worth noting that this may also be an issue to other mods, like the truck shop mods, that alter any part of the truck model and having been updated to include new UVmap compatibility.