Stobart Skin & Pack Update

I have now completed my Stobart skins update, there are a few new skins as well.

The good new for those that like to keep a tidy mod folder is that I have also included a truck pack. It includes every single truck on the Stobart Truck Skin page in one mod. The individual files are also still available for those that prefer to pick and chose. The truck pack can be found at the bottom of the page.

Please make sure you remove all my previous Stobart truck mods from your mod folder before you use the truck pack. Some/all skins may need to be repurchased in game.

Mackenzie Holly – Merc – Skin update.


Daf skin update – renamed Mollie Ann H023


Custom Hi-way – skin update renamed Siobhan Niamh



Stobart Autologics



New Skin – Stobart Tesco – T1358



New Skin – Stobart Pirelli


New Skins Stobart M-Sport – Grey/Silver and Blue versions.


msport2  msport1

New skin – Stobart Allports – Anneliese Fleur H5806


New Skin – Iveco (biggest) Sophie – H2971



New Skin – By Request Alexandria 21.


Penultimate Stobart Skin Updates

Another set of Stobart skin updates just rolled out of the paint shop.

DAF Super Space Custom: Skin update and renamed to a custom name since this cab size does not exist in the Stobart fleet.



DAF Space Cab Plus – New Skin – Sophie Jessica (in service owner driver)



Renault Magnum – Rebecca Emily Skin update – (Real but out of Service)



Renault Premium High Roof – Skin update – Custom (Stobart have never run premiums)



Volvo Classic – Kate Michelle by request – New Skin (Ashley Maddox old truck – Still in service)



Volvo Classic Phoebe Grace – updated Skin


That leaves just one set of updates left which I hope to have done over the weekend.

Again, some internal file names have been altered so you may have to repurchase some skins.

Updated Stobart Scania Skins

Updated the Stobart Scania skins to look better and match the front and sides for the older R models with V4 grill mod.

There’s also been a few name changes so that real Stobart names match the real cab type.

Please note: To keep the skins fully compatible with other skins mods, I have had to change the internal file names of some of the skins. This may mean some have to be repurchased, sorry for any inconvenience.

Updates are:

Lily Jean RV233 – New skin, corrected the side URL text and removed the truck name from the sides as only the fleet number appears for her.




Alison Victoria H8276  – New skin and name change. (Previously Sian Kate)



Ariel Alexandria H1998 – New skin and name change. (previously Hayley Grace)



Katy Perry H5897 Custom – new skin, front and sides now match.



Karen Patricia H123 – New skin, sides and front now match. New name. (previously Daisy Emma)


Some Stobart Updates

The three Stobart skins for the 2012 Volvo FH have now been updated. The first update is to correct the default sun-shield and wing mirror colours, they have also been updated to 1.10x format.

Some time ago I updated my Stobart skins for my personal trucks so that they looked better and so that the front of the truck correctly lined up to the sides.

I was originally planning to release skins sooner, however since multiple people decided to rip off my work the latest being Steven Lomax/MADxMAX from the SCS forums, I decided to keep it to myself. After all, if these people were really able to “make it themselves” they shouldn’t have had any issue updating their own versions (although why they didn’t do it properly and did it the same “wrong” way as me is quite peculiar.)

Either way, I have decided to make them public. I imagine many people will rip them off again and I look forward to MADxMAX updating his version in a week or two as well. 😉




Phoebe Grace



Alexis Raine (Custom – truck skin only)




Please Note: The remaining Stobart skins will come as I have the time, I plan to redo all the skins so they line up correctly, as I have for the Volvos. I will upload the individual skins as they are ready, once all the skins are done I will also be releasing a Stobart Truck Pack, this will include all the truck skins in one scs file for those people who would like to keep they mod folder neat and tidy.