The Big Stobart Mod: Final Update


So I am finally happy with the Big Stobart Mod and I’m releasing it as a completed Version 1.

The new update includes the new Stobart Biomass trailer.





The “original green trailer” has now been replaced with the SDC Stobart Southend trailer.


The Malcolm/Stobart Charity Skin (also available as part of the Big Malcolm Mod)


And a new Tesco Trailer


Minor tweaks have also been done to the skins on default game trailers. Due to the fact that SCS have only made one side of trailer paintable, I have dropped the Chevrons on these trailers (as they point the wrong way on one side) and jsut replaced it with the Stobart name (see biomass trailer for an example).

From this point on I do not plan to add any new trailers to the mod, any further updates will be to fix compatibility issues if they arise and other minor tweaks. However, I am aware that SCS will be releasing some new trailers in a future update, depending on the trailers included, I may add some to the mod. I am really hoping there is a proper walking floor trailer coming for the biomass. Time will tell.