New Mod & Removed Mod

First of all I have completely removed the Jobs mod from the site. The mod was out of date and has been since patch 1.8 (in truth I had completely forgotten about it.)

The reason I chose to remove it rather than update it, is simply because I don’t feel it is needed any more. For those of you who are still using it on later patches I highly suggest you remove it as it is incompatible and could cause issues.
I have also added a new mod to the other mods page. This is a boosting mod that gives you £9,000,000 for buying a truck skin and 63,330XP for manually parking the trailers.

Originally this mod was exclusive to my facebook group, however because of the propensity for people to use “cheat engines” which are often riddled with trojans, malware and keyloggers, I have decided to release this mod. It’s much safer than using a cheat engine as it is just a basic def file editing mod.

Please note: This mod was made for version 1.11.1 and may cause problems if you attempt to use it on older versions due to changes in the economy file. 


Also I have updated the Wayman truck skins. For some reason I forgot to add the correct icon for the shop, update corrects this.