SCS Already Preparing patch 1.12

It’s only been a few weeks since the 1.11 beta hit steam and a week since it’s final public release. But already SCS are doing the final touches on patch 1.12.

So far they have revealed details of a truck browser, and trailer browser and new DLC add-on that they plan to release at the same time.

There’s no official word on what the DLC is, just that it is something new. This would leave one to speculate that it may be the new trailer pack they mentioned a month ago. At this time they have not stated a price for this content, though it if is a trailer pack I would expect it to be around the £5 mark. The real question I suppose is will this DLC be steam only?

Other possibilities for patch content would be the DAF Euro 6, we already know it is near completion and they stated themselves they hope to have it released in the summer. Well August is the last full month of summer, but it could also be early September. So who knows.



There’s currently no word on what trailers will be included if it is indeed the trailer pack, but I am desperately hoping a walking floor would be included.

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