Compatibility Update Notice

As of 17th August 11am all public updates have been completed

To see a full list of all the things that have been updated please read this post:

I’ve done my best to organise it in an easy to follow way.

Standalone trailers were updated to support new features in 1.12x

Vovlo FH 2012 Lightboxes were updated to make sure there would never be a mod clash with other lightbox mods.

Truck skins were updated for compatibility with other people’s skins. Some are more important than others, so please do read the linked post and update as necessary.

Important Note For Anyone With a Private Mod

If we have ever made you private skins, mods with standalone trailers, or a Volvo with a lightbox it is suggested that you return the mod to us via so we can check compatibility and update them as necessary. We do not keep private mods on my PC, so please be sure to send them in the email if you want us to udpate/check them.

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