Urgent BSM Update


I’ve had to update the BSM due to an error with one of the trailers that causes a game crash.

The crash is caused by me forgetting to update the lod file for the new (white) Tesco trailer.

If the game attempts to load the AI trailer, it will first load the lod file which was missing, causing the game to crash. If you previously updated to 1.0.4 please make sure you update to ASAP.

Unfortunately it is not always possible for me to spot these errors before release as loading player trailers or looking in the truck browser won’t cause the problem, it’s only when the it loads for AI traffic, which is why this wasn’t caught earlier. I apologise for any inconvenience.


If you’re using version 1.0.3 or older this issue will not affect you.

Gas Station Update

I have now removed the old gas station pack of Maxol, Shell, and Texaco and split them into separate files.

This means that I can now make multiple brands and the player can pick which they prefer for each of the default variations.

Right now there’s still only the original ones I made (named above) but I plan to add a second Shell (white version), Esso, and BP.

If any one wants a specific brand feel free to ask, but make sure you supply images of the real gas stations.