8 thoughts on “JLR and Allinson”

  1. I really want the Allinsons skin, because I live where they are based. I have version v1.16.2 (non steam) and I cannot find the skin in paint jobs when I install the mod.

    If you will not update this skin for later versions, could you please provide me with the password/s so that I can extract the textures from the Allinson skin and update them myself?

  2. Then what am I doing wrong? the mod is activated in my profile, I have a Scania Topline as shown in the image with the allinson skin yet I am not finding the skin in custom paint jobs when I go to the repair/upgrade shop.

    Forgive me I am new to the game and it’s mods.

    1. when you start the game, click on about and chose the truck browser and see if you can find the skin in that list. It will be about half way down.

      I double checked the public file earlier it is definitely working.

      Also make sure you are using the correct Scania Toline (the R not the Steamline)

      1. Thankyou so much for you help the skin is in the browser. I must have the wrong truck. I am such a noob. Sorry to have bothered you.

  3. Hey there, loving the skin, thanks for making it.

    Will you be making this skin for any other trucks in the game? I’d love to see it for other trucks also 🙂

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