New Stobart Trucks

Four new skins added to the Stobart Trucks page (both separately and as part of the pack.)


Richard Mille – Because SCS didn’t include the windkit for the R highline I chose to do the Gallega H5740 replica on the streamline and a custom (Shergar H1978) on the R Topline.

The smarter ones amongst you might be able to figure out why I called the custom Shergar. đŸ˜‰



Oakfield/Elite Dreams – again on Streamline as the R doesn’t have the windkit and a custom on the Topline.



New trucks/trailers coming to ETS2?

So for those who haven’t read it yet, it would seem that SCS have been listening to us. Not only are they looking at adding rigids to the game, it has also made them reopen the question of trailer ownership.

Trailer ownership is something many people have wanted, the ability to have their own trailers to pull in the game.

But lets look more towards the rigid news; what else does this mean? Well for those of you that are familiar with Flemming’s tandems, this is essentially what they are looking into (and I wonder if he is the reason for it.) The general outline is that we’d be able to drop both the tandem and rigid parts as outlined in their post on the blog. This got me thinking. If we can drop them separately, does this mean that it may also open up the possibility to do multi-drop runs?

I certainly think so. Yes, it would require some changes into how the job market works, so if it happened I would think it would be in a later patch some time after the tandems patch is released. But I can certainly see it as being part of their final goal for this endeavour. One can hope.

While they may be announcing this now, this plan sounds like it is in the very early stages so it’s unlikely we’ll see it this year. In fact I would say we are probably looking at this being a year away if it pans out. Regardless of if/when this happens, it’s good to see that SCS are still looking ahead and supporting this nearly two year old title.






Update for white Tesco trailer. In my rush to fix the crash bug yesterday, I missed one of the mat files when updating. This caused the AI trailer to vanish and the wheels to turn pink at distance when parked.

Elite dreams trailer in the pack and separate stand alone versions were also updated, as the lod settings were wrong which caused the missing wheel issue at middle distance.


Urgent BSM Update


I’ve had to update the BSM due to an error with one of the trailers that causes a game crash.

The crash is caused by me forgetting to update the lod file for the new (white) Tesco trailer.

If the game attempts to load the AI trailer, it will first load the lod file which was missing, causing the game to crash. If you previously updated to 1.0.4 please make sure you update to ASAP.

Unfortunately it is not always possible for me to spot these errors before release as loading player trailers or looking in the truck browser won’t cause the problem, it’s only when the it loads for AI traffic, which is why this wasn’t caught earlier. I apologise for any inconvenience.


If you’re using version 1.0.3 or older this issue will not affect you.

Gas Station Update

I have now removed the old gas station pack of Maxol, Shell, and Texaco and split them into separate files.

This means that I can now make multiple brands and the player can pick which they prefer for each of the default variations.

Right now there’s still only the original ones I made (named above) but I plan to add a second Shell (white version), Esso, and BP.

If any one wants a specific brand feel free to ask, but make sure you supply images of the real gas stations.

UKPSG Mod & Tutorial Update

First up I have made a few minor tweaks to the truck skinning tutorial including a new (hopefully easier to follow) tutorial video.


A while back I showed off some images of a private mail mod which sparked quite some interest, the subsequent poll had a substantial 44 votes in favour of me releasing it.

Today I finally release the mod. Please understand this was always intended as as a personal mod, so the set up was really for my own use, due to the size I didn’t feel like making any edits to it for the public version, so it is very much a “as is” mod.

Please see this page for more info.

BSM Update


So the BSM has been updated again.

Changes included are general updates for compatibility with other mods, changes to internal file names. Fixed disappearing wheel issue on parked trailers when at a distance. Some trailers like the SDC/Cancer skin ones cannot be fixed as they did not come with lod files.

Please note: Due to the internal file changes, this update WILL cancel existing jobs and return you to a safe location. 

Warning: Because of the changes to two trailers cargo files, it is highly suggested you sleep two to three times before attempting to open the freight market or job screens as this might cause a crash if the cargo is still listed with the old pointers.