Standalone Trailer Tutorial Update

With the update to 1.14 the standalone trailer tutorial video became obsolete. Anyone looking for it yesterday will probably have noticed it was removed from the site.

Today I have made a new video that is fully up to date and I have finished writing the written version as well. I am quite glad that I never finished writing it before, would have been a bit annoyed had I finished writing out the cargo aspect just to have to redo it. Either way the written tutorial is now 100% complete.

The video is still rendering but I hope to have it uploaded before 6pm GMT.

Big Stobart Mod Update


Along with making the BSM compatible with game version 1.14 I have also added a new trailer, a white Jumbo Tesco Trailer.

Due to the game changes in the new patch, this mod is not compatible with older versions of the game. Only install it once you are on game version 1.14x or higher. 


1.14 Compatibility Update 4

As of this moment all my public stand alone trailer mods are fully updated to work with game update 1.14.

If I have made you a private mod that edits companies, gives custom cargo or similar it is very important that you either return the mod to me so I can update it for the new game version or you simply stop using it.

Please note that due to the internal changes these mods will NOT work with game version 1.13x or older. 

Below is a full list of updated public mods.

Big Stobart Mod

Big Malcolm Mod

Allport Cargo Services solo/Standalone
Bartrums Trailer
Elite Dreams Solo/Standalone
JLR Trailer
Monster Trailer
B&Q trailer
Hochtied trailer
Royal Mail Advanced Version

Money Mod Updated.
ASDA 2 (with cargo mod)
Marshalls 2 (with cargo mod)