M & J Haulage + Updates

First up there has been a few skin updates to fix issues.

The Stobart & PC Hamilton Scania T skins have been updated to shrink the dds file. Due to the size of the file (over 20mb) it may cause slow downs on less powerful systems when the skin tries to load. This also means a significant reduction in space for the mod as well.

The classic Stobart skin on the classic Volvo has also been updated as I had forgotten to colour the wind kit on the front corners. Since I was making it for Ohaha’s tweak mod, I neglected to colour them as the real thing doesn’t have those bits of aero. This is now fixed so people without Ohaha’s mod can have them appear in the green rather than looking out of place in white.

A M & J Haulage skin has been added for the classic Volvo.