BSM & BMM Update

bmm tbsm

Both the BMM and BSM have had minor updates.

These updates are just internal changes that adds info to the game log to help me help you if something should go wrong.

This update is not necessary, but if something should stop working due to a game update it may help me locate the issue.

Just as a reminder: The BSM & BMM are designed for game version 1.14x and above. They will NOT work on 1.13x and older. 

Stobart DAF Euro 6 Update

There were a few minor skin issues with the new DAF that became more apparent with the updated UVMap in a recent patch.

The skin has been updated both the solo mod and in the truck pack to reflect the changes, and to generally neaten up the design.

If I made a custom version of this for you please get in touch if you wish me to update your skin. Please remember to return the mod if you used e-mail to contact us.


Daf Euro 6 Template Update

Once again SCS have updated the UVmap for the DAF in the latest beta update.

As a result I have updated my templates.

The templates can always be found in the template pack on the “Other Mods” page.

You will notice a slight difference with this template, parts of the frame are different colours, the reason for this is to show where different parts over lap, such as on the front of the cab. I have chosen to do it this way so that it is easier to discern where parts meet for skinning different colours.