Elddis Transport & BANKS trailer

My 200th blog post brings two new additions.

First up is a trailer to go with the fictional BBC TV Show BANKS of England Renault I did some time ago. I was asked to design a custom trailer to go with it, but the VTC closed before I completed it so I decided to release the trailer publicly.

I have also (finally) finished my Elddis Transport skin on the Merc.



Stobart Truck Skin Updates



There have been some updates to the Stobart trucks.

The majority of the updates are optional as the change is only to the icon that appears in the shop. The icon will now include the IJ’s Mods logo (see top of page) to the right of the main icon. Similar to the little square SCS have on their own DLC skins. The reason that I have added this is to help people find the source of the mod if they downloaded it elsewhere. It also helps me when I am skinning to find my own work quickly. This icon will appear on all truck skin icons that I release from now on.

All Stobart truck mods, including the pack have been updated.

Compatibility Update

There is a compatibility update for the Stobart T-Cab skin and the standalone version of Alexandria 21, it is suggested that you update these if you are using them.

BSM Patch



When I updated the Tesco Container trailer for the AI, I used the old accessory line. So far as I can tell, the game recognised the issues so simply should have stopped the AI trailer from loading, however it is possible that it still may have attempted to load the trailer which could potentially cause CTDs.

Either way, the issue has been corrected.

BSM & BMM Updates




The BSM has been updated to correct an error with the Tesco Rail container. I had missed out a line in the AI config that made it so the container didn’t show on the AI trailers, so trucks appeared to be pulling just the skeletal part.

Both BSM and BMM have had minor updates to the charity/cancer trailer.

Christmas Trailer Skins

So as many of you know update 1.15 is the xmas update and includes new seasonal cargo and skins.

For those of you who either don’t know how to view the game contents or don’t have access to the Steam Beta here is what you can expect to find.

There is a new cargo called “Gifts”. This cargo is pulled by a Profiliner with three new skins. If you are on the Steam Beta you can view two of the skins by going into the trailer browser, selecting curtain sider and on the right most drop down menu selecting the bottom two. The third skin does not currently show up, I’m not sure if this is an error or if they simply haven’t finished the skin yet.

For those of you who own the trailer DLC, there is also an extra addition in the update for you. A Steam roller.



Update 1.15 beta compatibility.

The new update that has been released on the beta channel has caused some incompatibilities with some of my mods.

The good news is that these are minor issues and should not affect your game, so you can continue to use them until an fix is released.

Mods affected are:

Big Stobart Mod – Updated
Marshalls (with cargo) – Updated
HSS Standalone – Updated
JLR Standalone – Public version was different to private version. Doesn’t require updating.