Stobart Truck Skin Updates



There have been some updates to the Stobart trucks.

The majority of the updates are optional as the change is only to the icon that appears in the shop. The icon will now include the IJ’s Mods logo (see top of page) to the right of the main icon. Similar to the little square SCS have on their own DLC skins. The reason that I have added this is to help people find the source of the mod if they downloaded it elsewhere. It also helps me when I am skinning to find my own work quickly. This icon will appear on all truck skin icons that I release from now on.

All Stobart truck mods, including the pack have been updated.

Compatibility Update

There is a compatibility update for the Stobart T-Cab skin and the standalone version of Alexandria 21, it is suggested that you update these if you are using them.

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