Shipley Transport Services, BSM Update & A Shoutout

First up, not something I would normally do. But everyday I log into World of Trucks, and nearly every day I see a photo of one of my skins posted by RavensCraig. It’s always nice to see my work on WoT, nice to know other people are enjoying them.

Now onto business.



The BSM has once again been updated. The good news is I am 100% confident I have found all issues from the update. It’s taken me a few days, but I have gone through the joblist repeatedly until I found every single trailer/skin with all appropriate cargo.

This update is not a necessary one, in two cases the SDC trailer file in the cargo folders were not using the correct names which stopped those two cargoes loading on the SDC only. This has been fixed. I’ve also added new wheels to the SDC trailer as they look better than default and changed “Fizzy Drinks” to “Coca-Cola”.


I’ve also added a new pack to the combo page. This one is an SDC trailer and DAF XF 105 with a Shipley Transport Services. I was parked opposite “Blue Thunder” and Friday and really liked the design.


BMM & BSM Updates

 Update 15:21 UTC: There was an issue with  the Big Malcolm Mod (version 1.1) walking floor cargoes which stopped them from spawning. This issue has been solved. (version 1.1.1)

If you updated the BMM earlier please do so again. I have double checked the mod and I am confident this was the only issue.




First of all The BMM has had the same updates as the BSM and is now available to download. There’s no new content to mention, just internal changes.

As with the BSM the changes will be considered game changing so do finish your job before updating or the game will cancel it.

There’s also been a minor update to the BSM to fix an error. For some reason the cargo for the Charity and Fridge trailers simply were not set up correctly. I have absolutely no idea why this occurred and can only assume it was a 7zip glitch.

I was working with two windows, one with the old files and one with the new, deleting the old as I was adding the new ones. For some reason the cargo files for these trailers were not in the company in/out folder so there was no cargo for them to pull. There’s no possible way I could have “forgotten” them due to the method I was using to update, so I am really at a loss to explain what happened.

Either way, this is now fixed.

Hopefully all errors have been caught this time. But due to the size of the mods, particularly the BSM, errors are going to sneak past. To fully test a mod like this can take weeks of game play, so if you do encounter an issue with with either mod. Please let me know and do send the game.log.txt file with the report.

Big Stobart Mod Update



The BSM has been updated as mentioned in the previous blog post. The next pack to be updated will be the BMM.

This update is very extensive; so the game will consider it a big change and cancel your current job and return you to your main garage. It is suggested you finish any job before updating, unless this does not bother you.

While doing this update I have decided to remove the Allports & Elite Dreams stand-alone trailers and only have them as part of the BSM. Most people seem to use the BSM, so I simply don’t see a reason to keep them as individual stand-alones as well.

The update also sees two new skins, both of which have been requested numerous times.

The first is the old M-Sport trailer which pulls the cargo “Rally Cars”.

The Second is the plain green biomass trailer.




New Beta on Steam

So for those who haven’t yet noticed there is a new beta on steam.

The biggest update is the 64bit version. Though there have been some minor tweaks with other visual things, one mentioned change is the large truck dealers. They have been updated to match the look of the small dealers.

This means that map mod runners will likely face CTD’s when they attempt to approach large dealers (just like the previous update for small dealers.)


No More Xmas Gifts

UPDATE: SCS Have now released the beta of 1.16x this beta removes the xmas cargo. Since not everyone uses the betas I will leave the mod up until 1.16 becomes public. 

Please remember to remove the mod when you update to 1.16x.

With Christmas long over and the Xmas Event finished, I’ve seen many people complain about the trailers still being present in game.

The No More Xmas mod (bottom of the other mods page) sets the probability coef to zero stopping the cargo from spawning.

Any current jobs will remain in the job list until the offer expires, but no new gift jobs should spawn.

Once SCS release the next game update (which I believe will be for the DLC compatibility) they will likely remove the trailers or lower the prob coef. In the mean time this mod will do it for you. I have left it completely unlocked so you can alter the coef for yourself to suit your needs.