New Combo Pack – Trailer Training UK

So my 2nd release for 2015 is going to be my first combo pack. (Combo packs will be listed on the new Combo Skins page)

The first pack will be Trailer Training UK.

An Iveco high roof based on the rigid truck skin.

A Volvo (Globetrotter) which is compatible with Ohaha’s tweaks mod.

And a trailer.




Iveco Template Update.

I’m not sure when this happened as Iveco aren’t something I deal with often, but somewhere along the line they tweaked the UVMap. The change is one of the most annoying changes they have ever made from a skinners perspective.

The highlighted area on the spoiler (pic 1) is what they have changed. They have essentially taken the two end pieces of the roof spoiler and merged them into one. (pic 2)

The annoying part of this means if you are making a skin that has a different colour on the left and right of the truck (as I was) these pieces can no longer be coloured on their own. Meaning I cannot complete the skin and either have to redesign the skin or do it on another truck. Since the IVECO don’t get much love, that’s a quite disappointing prospect.

Anyway I have added the updated Iveco CAB A template in the templates pack.

You can also download the individual template here: Iveco Template for the time being. The individual link will be removed in a few day.




Pic 2