Upcoming Updates.

I’m going to be updating a lot of my trailer mods over the coming days/weeks. While not all standalone trailer mods will need updating, many will be, the first updates to come will be the BSM & BMM.

The change has a few reasons:

1. Additional compatibility with other mods. (future proof)
2. General tidying up within the definition files.
3. Cargo updates.
4. Trailer browser grouping.

So what exactly does this mean?

The compatibility part is mostly in the definition files, something I never updated when I did the previous compatibility update.

(pic1 – Click to view)
As you can see in pic1, which is the inside of the BSM, a lot of the names are quite generic which could potentially lead to conflicts with other mods if they happen to have the same name.

I will be renaming all these folders to include “ijs_” to hopefully make them future proof. As you can see on the pic, I already started using this method back with the Tesco Container (ijs40) and the Tesco Jumbo trailer.


The trailer browser grouping is exactly as it sounds. I will be re-exporting all the trailers so I can change the name of the folder where the Trailer Browser gets the “tn_name” from to allow proper grouping of the trailers, this will make it easier for people to find a specific trailer.

(pic2 – Click to view)
 As you can see from pic2, I am already working on that for the BSM, once completed all the stobart trailer folders will be preceded by “stob_” so that they show in the trailer browser as “stob_x”.

While it will be useful for the user, it will be invaluable for me when making new trailer skins.
The general tidying up is fairly self explanatory. There are some files that simply aren’t needed. When I make a trailer I make it in it’s own mod while testing and then just copy/paste it into the BSM. This means I end up with lots of files that can be merged into one, which again makes it a little easier for me.
All these changes would normally go unnoticed by the game, unfortunately, the cargo clean up won’t be seen that way and will mean the game will cancel your current job and return you to your main garage.

The cargo clean up is going to be quite extensive.

(pic3 – click to view)

Right now there are 56 cargo folders and 56 cargo files. Many of these don’t need to exist, as some are the same cargo type. As you can see the ste_yog, stcan_yog, and temp_yog are all yoghurt cargo. While the Cancer trailer may keep it’s own cargo (to keep it rare) the other two can share the same cargo file/folder.
I will release the BSM and BMM as soon as they are complete, but because the change will be considered a game changing one, I will release all other standalone trailers in groups to help minimise inconvenience.


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