Preview and Combo Updates

First up the BANKS of England, Horseshoe/Laysoft, and RR Transport trucks/trailers have been moved to the Combo Skins page as mentioned earlier.

For those of you paying attention you may have noticed I mentioned there being two versions of ex-Stobarts. The first version will be as expected white trucks with the lower red part & chevrons and will be called “clean”.

The second version of the pack will be called dirty and the trucks will look like this:



If you look carefully the areas where there were logos/truck name you can still make out the designs, giving it the appearance that the decals have been pealed off and the truck has not been resprayed to hide the colour difference between the old white and paint kept fresh under the decals.

I know it’s a very minor thing, but what they hell. If I’m going to make ex-Stobarts I’m gonna do it right. The clean and dirty packs will be compatible with each other for those who want to try both.

Knowles Transport Combo

The Knowles Transport truck/trailer have been repacked into a combo pack and can now be found on the appropriate page.

If you wish to update your existing solo mods to the pack, please read the two notes directly above the download link to avoid loosing any existing Knowles skins or to avoid the game resetting you to your main HQ.





Over the next couple of days I will be updating the Banks of England, Laysoft, and RR Transport truck/trailer skins into combo packs.

I will also be releasing an “ex”-Stobart pack. It’s something that I keep getting asked for, so I will be making it shortly, there will be TWO versions of the pack.

New Combo Pack – Trailer Training UK

So my 2nd release for 2015 is going to be my first combo pack. (Combo packs will be listed on the new Combo Skins page)

The first pack will be Trailer Training UK.

An Iveco high roof based on the rigid truck skin.

A Volvo (Globetrotter) which is compatible with Ohaha’s tweaks mod.

And a trailer.




Iveco Template Update.

I’m not sure when this happened as Iveco aren’t something I deal with often, but somewhere along the line they tweaked the UVMap. The change is one of the most annoying changes they have ever made from a skinners perspective.

The highlighted area on the spoiler (pic 1) is what they have changed. They have essentially taken the two end pieces of the roof spoiler and merged them into one. (pic 2)

The annoying part of this means if you are making a skin that has a different colour on the left and right of the truck (as I was) these pieces can no longer be coloured on their own. Meaning I cannot complete the skin and either have to redesign the skin or do it on another truck. Since the IVECO don’t get much love, that’s a quite disappointing prospect.

Anyway I have added the updated Iveco CAB A template in the templates pack.

You can also download the individual template here: Iveco Template for the time being. The individual link will be removed in a few day.




Pic 2



Stobart Biomass Poll

For some time I have been using a new walking floor model in my personal Stobart mod.

The model is a Bodex walking floor created by TZ Express. I am still debating which version to use in the BSM.

Here are the pros/cons.

The current biomass trailers use the SCS Cool-liner model.



I really like the look of the trailer.
It’s easier to paint and keep up to date.
Everything works as it should because it is a default model.

It has a fridge on the front.
You can only paint one side and the other is mirrored.
The new model I am playing with is the TZ Express – Bodex trailer.


It’s possible to paint both sides independently.
It has stairs rather than a fridge unit.

Parts of the UVMap are put together badly. The white bars on the left hand side (lower pic) are coloured by parts of the trailer on the back doors. Making accurate skinning impossible.
The real Stobart Walking Floors are not Bodex.
The real Stobart WFs do not have those side opening doors.
The model does not have a proper lod so the wheels disappear from parked AI trailers.
Personally I am leaning towards keeping the original trailers because they are simply easier to work with and have less cons, although they have fridge at the front, it’s not something you really notice while playing.