Scandinavia DLC: Coming next Month?

We all know (or should know) that SCS do not give dates for potential releases until they are sure it will be ready. Some people have always been caught out by the release dates shown on sites like Amazon. These pre-order release dates are nothing more than place holders. They do not get their dates from SCS or Excalibur Publishing.

So why then am I so sure that the DLC is going to be coming as soon as March?

Most people, myself included, have always  presumed the DLC would be coming around the 1st quarter of 2015 based on the time it took them to do other things.

For those that don’t keep track of Excalibur Publishing, the release date for the Scandinavian DLC has also been changed from March 6th to March 19th.

Normally such a thing would go ignored because dates are usually place holders since SCS tend not to release dates until they know for sure. So why is this change so interesting? It is the shortest change so far, all the other dates have obviously been by months, but a 2 week change?

It’s highly likely that SCS are now at a point that they have given their publishers an ETA for release. While they will not say anything publicly (so as not to get a backlash if they have to delay it) I fully believe the date to be accurate.

SCS have suggested how close they are via their recent blog post, so I think it’s safe to say that the date is the real planned release date. There’s always a risk things will go wrong, but we also know that it is in beta testing now.

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