Humber Ports & Several Updates

First up there’s been a few updates.

Stobart April Ohaha 2013 Version has been updated to fix the lightbox issue (always lit) I’ve also removed the arclid files that weren’t meant to be in the mod.

The Arclid combo has also been updated for the same reason.

Grampian has also been updated so include a skin for the SCS Volvo 2012.

A Humber Ports Logistics skin for the Volvo has been added to the truck skins page.


Red Bull Trailer Gone…

For those of you looking for the Red Bull trailer, it has temporarily taken a leave of absence.

There’s a few reasons for this decision and they are all good I promise you. The main reason will be due to the existing version not being compatible with the new version and I didn’t want people to stumble across it now when a bigger, better version is on the way.

I will be overhauling the cargo pickup/drop offs as well as adding new things, doing some update work in Blender to fix some broken things and some renaming work as well.

Unfortunately it looks as though the update won’t be coming for a few months, but I hope when it does come you will all agree it was worth the wait.


Big Stobart Mod V3

The newest versions of the BSM is now available.

There’s two changes in this version, the first is to the (tesco) Jumbo trailer. The model I used was one someone else made standalone but didn’t include the lods. The new model is TZ Rommi’s original model including lods that I have made standalone. This should fix the issue with disappearing trailer wheels.

The SCS Tanker model has also been replaced with a new model (also by TZ Rommi) with some minor tweaks by myself.


Grampian Combo and Stobart Updates

First up we have, by request, Tatiana H030 Stobart Energy livery for Scania Topline. The skin is available on both Streamline and R, the grill is also painted for those using the V4 mod for Scania R.

Secondly we have a new combo; Grampian Continental with a trailer and Scania R Topline skin.

The jumbo trailer has two skins, and pulls Toiletries, and Office Supplies.

I have also included a Ohaha Volvo 2013 skin for those that use it.






BSM, BMM, Red Bull and CiN2014 Updates



First up the Cancer Charity Malcolm/Stobart trailer has had a skin tweak so the rear bumper is now red.

The Cancer Charity trailer, Red Bull trailer, Tesco Fridge (every punnet) trailer, and Children in Need trailer have all had tweaks in the mat file so stop them being so reflective. In sunlight it was causing them to appear very washed out.

A new trailer has also been added to the Big Stobart mod. Long over due perhaps, but one of the Find Madeleine trailers is now in the pack. It shares the same cargo as the Cancer Charity trailer.


AI Vans 3.2 Update

Version 3.2 was always planned to be the next update after 3.1, but due to the release of Promods 1.9x I decided to rush the release with the Promods countries disabled for the vans.

This update is essentially the rest of the update I had planned as 3.2.

The new update continues the Norwegian additions and has Bring & DHL added.

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AI Vans Update 3.1.2

With the release of Promods 1.9x comes new countries, as a result I have updated the mod to stop the painted vans from appearing in countries they shouldn’t. Although one or two will always sneak in due to SCS not fixing the frequency variant for the traffic.

Along with this compatibility update comes the Norwegian, Swedish, and Danish vans. Originally I planned to release them after the Scandinavian DLC, but since these areas are available to some map mods, I have decided to enable them now.

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