DLC Reminder (Non-Steam Users)

I just wanted to remind people; with the DLC being a week a way, for those of you who do not use Steam, the ONLY place to purchase a true disc version of the game will be from the official site here: http://www.eurotrucksimulator2.com/buy.php

The copies available from retail stores like Amazon or GAME are just boxed download keys for Steam. If you’re not a Steam ETS2 user, do not purchase from retail stores.
When it comes to the DLC and my mods, nothing should require updating for compatibility reasons. Most of that was done for patch 1.17beta. Depending on whether any ports are changed in the default map, mods may or may not be updated for the new areas. Because the DLC has new companies, existing mods will not have any depots in these areas unless SCS has added them too.

If the ports in existing areas are updated, then all mods will be updated to allow trailers to be taken to ports. Until I have the DLC, I can’t say for sure what may change in my mods, I may or may not give some cargo to DLC areas (drop off only) but some mods will not have any deliveries to the DLC area. One example of that will be the F1 trailers. There are no F1 races in Scandinavia so there really doesn’t need to be any deliveries to those areas. Other companies will simply have hold the TBC stickers.


Once the DLC is released there will be 20 companies added to the new areas. Some of these will be part of the same company but different parts, warehouse, markets etc. Either way I will need some real Scandinavian companies to replace them, so if I do have any followers from Norway, Denmark, or Sweden, please do get in touch with good options to replace the new companies with.

I’ll will of course do my best to replace IKA with IKEA, I’ve already done the trailers. However looking at the prefab of the IKEA building, I don’t know if I will be able to change the logos on the building.

Mod Tip: Always Run mods through 7-Zip twice.

I mentioned on the FB group yesterday that the deflate option (7zip) is really useful for mod makers and was surprised to find some people didn’t even know about it. So I figured I would should a quick example of why I use it.

The image below shows the file size of my mod folder with and without deflate. As you can see, with deflate, my 173 mods take up far, far less space.


Now most people understand that you can’t use compression on mods because the game can’t uncompress normal compression on zip files. However, 7zip deflate compresses the file in such a way that the game can still read the mod without issue and saves a lot of space.

Here is a quick example of how to take advantage of 7-zips deflate feature:

Click here if the embedded video doesn’t show for you.


A WS Trans/Severfield skin has been added to the Stobart Truck Pack.

Please note: The solo links for all existing skins have now been removed.


I have decided NOT to update the mirrors on the Stobart Scania skins. It’s a lot of work for very little gain. Stobart use plastic mirrors on all their Scanias, so I see no real reason updating them. Now there are Stock SCS options it simply isn’t necessary any more.


Poll Results – What they mean

It comes as no surprise to me that the truck pack came out on top by some margin. I fully expected this to be the case and TBH was not truly interested in the results of that option.

What I wanted to know is how many people actually used the solo skins and the main reason for doing so.

For the most part it seems people who use the solo skin did so because of SSD/Space concerns.

So you’re probably wondering, why did I want to know at all?

In the current format of having a pack and solos I am using a lot of space keeping multiple versions of the same thing.

Remember Google Drive/Dropbox is tied to my PC so I can upload directly, this means not only do I have my version of the pack with some custom skins. I also have to keep a copy of the public pack, so I don’t accidentally release my private skins. Then I have the files for Dropbox/Google Drive so that’s a second version of the public mod and all the individual skins. So not only is it taking up unnecessary space, it also means I have to update four versions if/when I have to make any updates.

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Spotted In Today’s Beta Update

Yesterday I found a model for the Krone Megaliner. With today’s update I find a new model added.

To my knowledge I am the first to find it:

Dawrbars are a coming.

TBH I am not sure if this was meant to be in the update or if someone forgot to remove it. Either way, SCS just let that cat out of the bag. 😉


Also spotted, Kaarfor & Sellplan now have trailers. So either they are getting changed to be outgoing as well as incoming or it’s related to the company changes in the DLC (some companies have markets and depots.)


Knowles Transport Crash Update

I’ve just released an update for the Knowles mod.

I hadn’t realised that the wheels were also being used for the trailer, which would cause a crash when picking up/passing the trailer in game.

If you’re still using the compatibility patch you wouldn’t have had issues, but for those of who you updated your wheels and removed the patch you would suffer crashes when you see the trailer.

It’s suggested you update the knowles mod immediately.

Stobart Pack Update


Just to note that the Stobart Truck Pack has been updated to include the wheels for versions 1.17x

I have yet to update the wing mirrors for the new grill mod, the delay on this is due to plans to change how I upload the skins. However, this shouldn’t be an issue as the real trucks use the plastic mirrors.

Just to note; the truck pack, Ohaha Volvo April, and Scania Torpedo Classic Kerry Jane skin mods have all been moved to Google Drive. The good news there is that all adf.ly links have now been moved (and never coming back.)

Stobart Truck Skins Poll

This poll is only intended for those who use my Stobart skins, whether solo or pack. I am considering changing how the Stobart trucks skins are released.

Please do vote and please also, if you will, take the time to post and say WHY you use the option you do. You can reply here on the blog, via the poll daddy option or in reply to the thread on the FB group.

All input will help me decide how I will handle future skin updates.

Several Updates

First things first, the majority of mods have now been moved to Google Drive storage. Only the trucks have yet to be moved.

All mods that had custom wheels (with the exception of the Stobart truck pack) have been updated to be compatible with game version 1.17x and above. You can see a full list at the bottom of the post as well as a link to the compatibility patch. Please read the warning before use to avoid game crashes.

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Stobart Wheels & Site Updates

Some of you may or may not be aware, but I am currently in the process of changing my links from dropbox to google drive. The reason for this is my 23bg of Dropbox will be disappearing shortly, I didn’t realise at the time that it was a promotional thing and Dropbox have decided to cancel it.

As a result I am moving all content over to Google Drive. Currently all content on the “Other mods” page has been moved, the rest will be moved presently. There is good news along side this. I’ll also be ditching the adf.ly links that were on some of the more downloaded mod. The amount you get per click is simply not worth the hassle, particularly since I am aware some people have issues with it.

The Stobart Wheels mod has been updated for beta 1.17 – they will no longer work for older version. Please be aware this is ONLY the stand alone mod. Warning: Make sure to sell old wheels BEFORE you update the mod. If you update the mod without removing the old wheels you will crash the game when attempting to buy new wheels. 

The version included in the Stobart Truck pack will not be updated until version 1.17 is in the public release phase.

If you are using the 1.17 beta. you can use this mod along side the truck pack until the truck pack is updated. All the files are different so there won’t be a conflict. Just remember to remove it once I update the truck pack.