Scandinavia DLC Compatibility Notes

For those of you not yet aware, SCS have finally announced the release date for the DLC (May 7th) but the beta for some of the new content will come sooner.

What does this mean for my mods?

Truck Skins: Should be completely unaffected.

Standalone Trailer models: Should hopefully be unaffected. However there will be some new cargo, so some may have to be updated for realism sake. EG: If you use my UKPostal mod, we don’t want windmill parts being delivered there.

Cargo: To my knowledge new cargo and cargo for standalone trailers shouldn’t be affected for existing areas. However, there is a new structure for cargo in the DLC and new companies, so all mods will have to be updated to allow for delivery of custom cargo to the new DLC areas.

Gas Stations & Hotels: I am unaware of any new prefabs for the new areas, but existing ones will likely remain the same.

AI Vans: Should be unaffected.

Company Replacement Skins: Should be unaffected. New areas have new companies.

Wheel mods: Will be affected, but to what degree is unknown. SCS feel it won’t be too badly, so it will likely be limited to what tyres rims are allowed to use.

Money/XP Cheats: Will need updating.


General mods that will/might be affected by 1.17 update

Map mods.
Environment mods.
Physics mods.

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