Several Updates

The following skins have all been updated for the changes with the Scania Painted Grill mod.

AW Jenkinson
Mark Thompson

Grampian Continental has been updated, the Scania also now has the Scania Logo on the skinned mirrors.

Canute has also been updated. The company replacement has been switched from Tradeaux to Eurogoodies. Several trucks and two new trailers have been added to it.

Many of the Stobart related skins also need updating, this will be done tomorrow as there are many versions to do.



Scania R Grill Update

In Maghetto’s original release there was an issue with the grill and the UVmap. It was a very minor thing, but I decided to fix it. I intended to do it when I was playing around yesterday, but it completely slipped my mind.

The observant amongst you will have noticed the little black triangle on all skins. This was due to part of the UVmap being with the rear black part of the grill instead of the outer part.

This should be the last update needed for the mod.

The next update will be skin fixes for the new mirrors for those using the new mod. I’ll most likely release them all in bulk when complete.


Scania Skinnable Grill & Mirrors

Those of you who follow my FB Group are probably already aware that I was making this mod, for the rest of you I hope you enjoy what it is.

Just to note that some of my skins will need updating for the new mirror changes. Most of them only have a colour so the SCS paint or plastic options can be used. 

First up if you are using Maghetto’s origina Scania V4 mod (or my earlier edits/updates) you must remove it before installing this mod. 


Removed the side skirts completely. The reason for this is because SCS are working on an update that will allow optional skirts for all trucks. Once the update is released the old mod would have forced the side skirts on all Scania chassis regardless making the mod obsolete.

Removed the side mirror. Many people complained about the side mirror because it was always there regardless of LHD/RHD. I may add it back at a later date with skinnable option to the stock plastic one.

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