Several Updates

First things first, the majority of mods have now been moved to Google Drive storage. Only the trucks have yet to be moved.

All mods that had custom wheels (with the exception of the Stobart truck pack) have been updated to be compatible with game version 1.17x and above. You can see a full list at the bottom of the post as well as a link to the compatibility patch. Please read the warning before use to avoid game crashes.

I’ve also added/updated some other mods.

First Harwood Haulage (fictional replica from Torchwood) has been removed from the company page and added to the Combos page and now uses the 2-axle city trailer.

A Holt Volvo 2012 and 2013 (Ohaha) has been added to the Holt pack and an A. Davies combo has also been added.
har1 holt2013 davies dav2 davj


1.17x Wheel Updates & Compatibility Patch

The following mods have been updated to make the wheel mods compatible with game versions 1.17x

Arr Craib
Stobart Wheels (stand alone wheels on Other mods page only)

The main Stobart Pack has yet to be updated as there are still the skin/mirror updates to be done.

If you are already on the 1.17x beta you will need to update the appropriate mods from above, then download this compatibility patch. 

The patch contains the old version wheels for all the list mods. If you are using any of the wheels on any of your trucks and have updated to version 1.17x you will find that you may have game crashes if you go into the truck shop to make and wheel upgrades to those vehicles.

How to use compatibility patch:

If you are running game version 1.16x you do NOT need the compatibility patch. Simply remove the custom wheels from all of your trucks before updating your game.


If you are running 1.17x and have NOT updated any of the above mods you can simply go into the truck shop and replace the wheels with any default SCS rim. Please note when you enter the shop, the wheels will appear as a default SCS set, but you MUST still buy a new set of rims before continuing. You do not need the compatibility patch for this method.


If you are running 1.17x and HAVE updated any of the above mods follow the steps below.

To use the patch; If you are using any of the updated mods above and use the wheels on any of your trucks you MUST download and enable the compatibility patch.

Once enabled go into the truck shop and purchase the newer version of the wheels (or any of the default SCS ones) for all trucks you have with the old wheel mods. Once you have replaced all the wheels with a new set for the appropriate trucks, you can save and close the game and remove the patch mod.

If you update the wheel mods and attempt to buy new wheels without the patch enabled the game will crash the moment you click on a new rim set in the store.

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