Spotted In Today’s Beta Update

Yesterday I found a model for the Krone Megaliner. With today’s update I find a new model added.

To my knowledge I am the first to find it:

Dawrbars are a coming.

TBH I am not sure if this was meant to be in the update or if someone forgot to remove it. Either way, SCS just let that cat out of the bag. 😉


Also spotted, Kaarfor & Sellplan now have trailers. So either they are getting changed to be outgoing as well as incoming or it’s related to the company changes in the DLC (some companies have markets and depots.)


Knowles Transport Crash Update

I’ve just released an update for the Knowles mod.

I hadn’t realised that the wheels were also being used for the trailer, which would cause a crash when picking up/passing the trailer in game.

If you’re still using the compatibility patch you wouldn’t have had issues, but for those of who you updated your wheels and removed the patch you would suffer crashes when you see the trailer.

It’s suggested you update the knowles mod immediately.

Stobart Pack Update


Just to note that the Stobart Truck Pack has been updated to include the wheels for versions 1.17x

I have yet to update the wing mirrors for the new grill mod, the delay on this is due to plans to change how I upload the skins. However, this shouldn’t be an issue as the real trucks use the plastic mirrors.

Just to note; the truck pack, Ohaha Volvo April, and Scania Torpedo Classic Kerry Jane skin mods have all been moved to Google Drive. The good news there is that all links have now been moved (and never coming back.)

Stobart Truck Skins Poll

This poll is only intended for those who use my Stobart skins, whether solo or pack. I am considering changing how the Stobart trucks skins are released.

Please do vote and please also, if you will, take the time to post and say WHY you use the option you do. You can reply here on the blog, via the poll daddy option or in reply to the thread on the FB group.

All input will help me decide how I will handle future skin updates.