A WS Trans/Severfield skin has been added to the Stobart Truck Pack.

Please note: The solo links for all existing skins have now been removed.


I have decided NOT to update the mirrors on the Stobart Scania skins. It’s a lot of work for very little gain. Stobart use plastic mirrors on all their Scanias, so I see no real reason updating them. Now there are Stock SCS options it simply isn’t necessary any more.


Poll Results – What they mean

It comes as no surprise to me that the truck pack came out on top by some margin. I fully expected this to be the case and TBH was not truly interested in the results of that option.

What I wanted to know is how many people actually used the solo skins and the main reason for doing so.

For the most part it seems people who use the solo skin did so because of SSD/Space concerns.

So you’re probably wondering, why did I want to know at all?

In the current format of having a pack and solos I am using a lot of space keeping multiple versions of the same thing.

Remember Google Drive/Dropbox is tied to my PC so I can upload directly, this means not only do I have my version of the pack with some custom skins. I also have to keep a copy of the public pack, so I don’t accidentally release my private skins. Then I have the files for Dropbox/Google Drive so that’s a second version of the public mod and all the individual skins. So not only is it taking up unnecessary space, it also means I have to update four versions if/when I have to make any updates.

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