Poll Results – What they mean

It comes as no surprise to me that the truck pack came out on top by some margin. I fully expected this to be the case and TBH was not truly interested in the results of that option.

What I wanted to know is how many people actually used the solo skins and the main reason for doing so.

For the most part it seems people who use the solo skin did so because of SSD/Space concerns.

So you’re probably wondering, why did I want to know at all?

In the current format of having a pack and solos I am using a lot of space keeping multiple versions of the same thing.

Remember Google Drive/Dropbox is tied to my PC so I can upload directly, this means not only do I have my version of the pack with some custom skins. I also have to keep a copy of the public pack, so I don’t accidentally release my private skins. Then I have the files for Dropbox/Google Drive so that’s a second version of the public mod and all the individual skins. So not only is it taking up unnecessary space, it also means I have to update four versions if/when I have to make any updates.

So for me, the simple choice was to remove all the solo mods. Because the pack is rather small, (less than 20mb currently) it doesn’t really cause issues for SSD users, like myself.

But due to the fact nearly a third of people are using the solo option, it has made me rethink how to handle this. While ultimately, my decision is not going to please everyone, the choice I have made should be acceptable to the majority.

My decision is that I am only going to support the pack from this point on. Updates will only be issued to the pack, since it is rare that skins need to be adjusted for SCS changes, this shouldn’t impact people too badly. It’s only really truck mods that cause issues with skins.  Within the next few days all the links for the solo skins will begin to disappear. With the exception of truck mod skins.

The RJL Scania Torpedo (Kerry Jane) and Ohaha 2013 model (April) skins will remain as solo links and not be included in the pack. Any truck mod related skin will be moved to the top of the Stobart truck skins page under “stand alone skins”. The previous sections for the solo versions will remain, the links will be removed and it will just be used as a preview of the pack skin.

However; any NEW skins that are made will include a solo link that will expire after 7-14 days. This will allow those people worried about space issues to download and use the skins, without being forced to use the pack.

While it may not be an arrangement to suit all (let’s face it, you can never please everyone) it should hopefully please the majority of solo users.

2 thoughts on “Poll Results – What they mean”

  1. I understand all this but it’s unfair on those of us who only download the skins we want. For example, there are only 3 or 4 stobart skins that I’d like to use, but now I have to download to have them all!!!

    1. I’m not sure what you mean… if you already have the ones you want, why would you need to download the pack at all?

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