Mod Tip: Always Run mods through 7-Zip twice.

I mentioned on the FB group yesterday that the deflate option (7zip) is really useful for mod makers and was surprised to find some people didn’t even know about it. So I figured I would should a quick example of why I use it.

The image below shows the file size of my mod folder with and without deflate. As you can see, with deflate, my 173 mods take up far, far less space.


Now most people understand that you can’t use compression on mods because the game can’t uncompress normal compression on zip files. However, 7zip deflate compresses the file in such a way that the game can still read the mod without issue and saves a lot of space.

Here is a quick example of how to take advantage of 7-zips deflate feature:

Click here if the embedded video doesn’t show for you.