DLC Reminder (Non-Steam Users)

I just wanted to remind people; with the DLC being a week a way, for those of you who do not use Steam, the ONLY place to purchase a true disc version of the game will be from the official site here: http://www.eurotrucksimulator2.com/buy.php

The copies available from retail stores like Amazon or GAME are just boxed download keys for Steam. If you’re not a Steam ETS2 user, do not purchase from retail stores.
When it comes to the DLC and my mods, nothing should require updating for compatibility reasons. Most of that was done for patch 1.17beta. Depending on whether any ports are changed in the default map, mods may or may not be updated for the new areas. Because the DLC has new companies, existing mods will not have any depots in these areas unless SCS has added them too.

If the ports in existing areas are updated, then all mods will be updated to allow trailers to be taken to ports. Until I have the DLC, I can’t say for sure what may change in my mods, I may or may not give some cargo to DLC areas (drop off only) but some mods will not have any deliveries to the DLC area. One example of that will be the F1 trailers. There are no F1 races in Scandinavia so there really doesn’t need to be any deliveries to those areas. Other companies will simply have hold the TBC stickers.


Once the DLC is released there will be 20 companies added to the new areas. Some of these will be part of the same company but different parts, warehouse, markets etc. Either way I will need some real Scandinavian companies to replace them, so if I do have any followers from Norway, Denmark, or Sweden, please do get in touch with good options to replace the new companies with.

I’ll will of course do my best to replace IKA with IKEA, I’ve already done the trailers. However looking at the prefab of the IKEA building, I don’t know if I will be able to change the logos on the building.