Special Skin Request Day – Now Closed

Update: This event has ended. 


Seeing how Monday is a bank holiday here in the UK I have decided to run a little open request special.

Normally I will not take requests for mod trucks because there’s so many variables to take into account. However for this (probably) one off event I am going to take requests for the following truck mods.

RJL’s Scania R/Streamline Modifications Mod: http://forum.scssoft.com/viewtopic.php?f=35&t=177963

RJL’s Scania Torpedo Mod: http://forum.scssoft.com/viewtopic.php?f=35&t=151394

Ohaha’s Volvo 2013 Mod: http://forum.scssoft.com/viewtopic.php?f=35&t=127596


Where do I make my request:

This event is now over.

What can I request:

All requests must be of REAL liveries (old or new) on the same vehicle as your request.

Do I need to include anything with my request:

You must provide high quality photos. Normal rules apply here; if I can’t see/read it, I can’t copy it. Please note some companies have more than one skin design, make sure your photo(s) are of the specific one you want if this applies.

Can I request more than one skin:

You can make as many different requests as you want, there’s no limit on requests

Are you making all requests: 

No. I will only be making up to three.

How will the ‘winning’ skin(s) be decided:

Skin(s) will be picked by my preference only. Number of requests for a specific skin will not affect my choice, it will be purely down to the designs I like most.

Is there any thing you won’t do:

The Malcolm 200,000th Celebration skin (frankly it’s out of my league Photoshop wise), or anything that would class as a custom skin. Stobart Skins. Any thing for a truck mod that isn’t listed above.

Why can’t we request Stobart kins:

Each request you make for different skins gives you the option of adding a Stobart Request as an addition.

Will the winning skin(s) also be the winning Stobart requests:

No. I will pick the Stobart requests separately, based on the reasons given for the request. I also will not set a limit on the amount of Stobart skins, so there could be just one or thirty of them. The reason for this is, I only have to make the skin once. The name and fleet number are very quick to edit.

How long will this offer be open: 

TBH it really depends on the amount of requests I get. The more requests there are, the sooner I will close it. At the time of writing, Monday morning is the planned deadline but could change.

Is there anything I can do to increase my requests chance:

Give me money (kidding). No.

When will you announce the winning skins:

I won’t. Nor will I let anyone know if their request is a winning one. You’ll  know when it’s done and posted on the page, although if you’re on my FB page there is always a chance a W.I.P pic may be posted.

When will you start the skins:

Monday. Though there is no time frame for when they’ll be finished.

How should we make requests:

Please follow the format below.
Truck Mod Name: *Which of the listed mods is it for.*
Truck Livery Name: *Company Name Here.*
Pictures: *Links* (Please note if you’re sending the request via email, a link is still preferred rather than an attachment.)
Why Do You Want This Skin: *Insert Sob Story.*

Optional Stobart Request (pictures aren’t required, I know what Stobart trucks looks like thanks.)

Truck Mod Name: *Which of the listed mods is it for.*
Truck Name & Fleet Number: *Real ones only, I will check.*
Livery: *ESL/Energy/Rail etc.*
Why Do You Want This Particular Name/Flt: *The better the reason, the better the chance. Though do be aware, I will only accept ‘I named this truck’ if you are willing to show the letter Stobart sent you confirming your truck has been named and released. But please remember to hide/mask any personal details, I don’t want to infringe on your privacy.*

Is there anything else we need to know:


4 thoughts on “Special Skin Request Day – Now Closed”

      1. Nope sorry, we are sticklers for the rules. Particularly when the link is a referral link.

        You’re still welcome to post a request here though.

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