Updates, New Mod, Request Changes.

First up I have come to the decision that I will no longer be take any requests for new skins. I will accept custom named Stobart skin requests so long as it is for a truck previously skinned in the livery (see Stobart Trucks page for previews). However new requests simply will not be accepted. You are still welcome to post pictures of liveries you would like to see, if I like the design I may make it eventually.

The main reason for this decision comes down to time. With so many public mods, I have to constantly keep checking them for compatibility with new patches. My list of things to skin is getting ever longer and requests just add more pressure and take away from the things I want to do.

If I have already agreed to do a request for you, it will still be done.

I’ve recently updated some mods, here’s a nice list:

Laysoft Combo: Added Aria (Scandinavian DLC) company for in and out going. Changed trailer weight for AI traffic.

ASDA Company: Removed standalone trailer as Kaarfor now has it’s own outgoing. Repalced default trailer skin instead. Added some extra outgoing cargo.

HSS: Company skin added for new default trailer. Changed trailer weight for AI Traffic.

Updated mods just for AI trailer weights:

A. Davies
RR Trans
F1 Solo mods. (Please note the F1 Combo Pack has NOT been updated. This will be updated after the 1.18beta is released.)

Future plans

At some point I plan to make skins for the new Hotel, Gas Station, and Companies in the Scandinavian DLC. Any suggestions on appropriate replacements for those areas are welcome.

And finally one new release; a Dicken’s Cider stand alone trailer.


Mods that still need checking/updating for compatibility with the new DLC:

American Sweets Combo
Arclid Combo
AW Jenkinson Combo
Brooks Bros
MP Burke
Children in Need
Double Decker Update Mod
Grampian Combo
Harwood COmbo
IJ’s Banks of England Combo
Malcolm trailer (Big Malcolm Mod)
SBS Movers
Stobart Trailer (Big Stobart Mod)
UKPSG (Postal group Mod)
James Irlam
Norfolk Line Trailer (will probably also make this a combo with the DAF)
Thompson Plant Hire
Trailer Training
Williams Trans
Yorkshire Tea

For those wondering, these mods will continue to work without any major issues. You don’t need to remove them.

What they are being checked for: Cargo opportunities to the DLC companies, changes to company replacements due to new outgoing options, and LOD issues.

LOD issues. Because of the more aggressive LOD settings trailer models that don’t have wheels attached to the LOD trailer models will appear in game to be wheel less from some distances. In some cases I will be able to fix the issue, in some cases I will not.

Some of my earlier tankers (shell and texaco for example) were made with ETS2 Studio, they have the lod issue but since I now make standalones manually, I can fix those.
Some models do have LODs with wheels, in these cases I can work around the issue.
Some models do not have LODs with wheels, in these cases there is nothing I can do. In time I am going to try and make my own versions with wheels on, but there is no time frame for that right now.

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