More Updates for Compatibility

The following mods have been updated for the LOD wheels issue mentioned previously.

Brooks Bros
MP Burke

Trailer weights have also been updated for them.

The observant amongst you might have noticed that I previously said these are unlikely to be updated, the good news is I have been able to find a way to fix the SDC trailers. These are the first batch the rest will be done presently.

LOD Issues – Your Opinion (Poll now Closed)

Update 13th May: The Poll is now Closed. 

So anyone paying attention the last few days knows that some mod trailers I use in my releases do not have lod models set up correctly.

This is what causes the issue of missing wheels when you see a trailer from a distance. While this isn’t a huge problem and many people don’t care, I would like to get your opinion on it.


The known trailers that cause these issues (still checking others) are the 2-axle city trailer, the cistern (used for arclid) and the SDC trailer from Smith Engineering. These impact many mods including the Big Stobart Mod. So the question is: Should I keep using them, or would you prefer I use standard SCS trailers, even though it means I can’t paint both sides independently which means some designs will have graphics pointing the wrong way.

For example; the yellow arrows on the Royal Mail SDC have the point pointing forwards to the cab, where as with the SCS trailers one side would have it pointing back towards the trailer doors.

Which is more important to you, invisible wheels from a distance or inaccurate liveries?