New releases

A bunch of new releases today.

First up we have a new combo in Elddis Transport. Two skins, one on the old and one on the new Merc as well as a trailer skin.

We also have The Green Group, Gulliver’s Truck Hire, and Elite Transport (spelling error in ‘Crane’ fixed before release) as truck skins.

eld2 eld1 elddis2014 gullivers greengroup elite

6 thoughts on “New releases”

  1. I know u said it was a long way down the list bud but please can you do a stobart merc like this please bud as ure skins are excellent but thats the only thing missing from your excellent stobart skins which i use all the time

      1. aah right sorry i didn’t realise bud do you know anyone who could help me get either an mp4 Mercedes or mp3 mercedes in stobart colors with the name Bethany Evie H3310 For the MP4 and/or H2744 Nic Chick for the Streamspace Cab

  2. reading above about not taking requests so this gunna be a waste of time but you don’t get if you don’t ask and god loves a tryer but here it goes any chance of a prestons of potto mod (please don’t shout at me dark matter) I love your BMM its awesome credit to your mods =)

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