Update 1.19x is an arse

Okay, so my game log was filled with warnings relating to the new trailer def files. Having fixed all the issues, my game log threw up a bunch more errors with all the same mods. Why the game couldn’t haven’t told me about BOTH frigging errors at the same time is beyond me. What this means is that I now have to go back into all the mods and fix them AGAIN. Had it told me about both errors I could have done both at the same time, but no, the stupid thing waited until I had updated 76 mods to tell me I had to do more!

I apologise to those of you who have downloaded the last set of updates, but all mods with stand alone trailers will need to be updated again once I fix them. Now the good news is that the fix will be just one word in each trailer file. So it should be a relatively fast fix. If you haven’t already updated these mods, I would suggest waiting. If you have already updated the mods, don’t worry. The trailers will continue to work, you’ll just get a bunch of warnings in the log.


I was hoping to have all mods updated before 1.19 goes public, however with this set back I’ll be lucky to have them updated before next week.

Before releasing the re-updated trailer mods, I’ll will double check them on a clean profile as this should highlight issues immediately. Hopefully this will be the last update.

Just to recap these mods ARE updated and you can download them at your leisure.

Updated today Truck Skins: 

Bradford City Bantams Skin
Benson Skin
Benton Bros Skin
Borje Jonnson Skin
Boyes Skin
Bradley Transport Skin

Updated today Company Replacements:

Arr Craib
Borje Jonnson
David Murray
PC Hamilton
Robinsons Lumber
Royal Mail (basic & Advanced)
Trailer Training Combo

Univers 2
TW Plummer

Previously Updated Skins:

AIM Skin
Allinson Skin
APC Overnight Skin
Arr Craib (truck skin)
ATL Skin

Renault Painted Grill
Scania Painted Grill
Ohaha Volvo Stobart April Skin
RJL Scania T Stobart Classic Skin

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