AI Vans Patch

Version 4.1 has been released to fix two spawn rate issues.

The first issue was with the Belgian skins accidentally being on for all countries instead of just Belgium.

The second issue was me forgetting to reset one of the UK frequency factors after testing my newest skins. It was left on 8 when it should have been set to 1. Both issues have been fixed.

AI Vans Update & Nestle Fix

First off there was a minor error in the Nestle trailer pack, their was a missing BCP look on the lod trailer. While this won’t cause any noticeable issues for the average gamer, it will leave errors in the log file. This has now been fixed.

The AI vans also had a few updates.

First up the mod has been renamed, so if you update make sure to remove the old mod.

Due to the size of the UK vans, I have split the UK skins into two models. This should increase the variety of UK skins at any given time.

I’ve also added 4 new skins. ATL (slightly edited due to model issues), DX, Interlink, and HSS hire.