Stobart AI

This mod REQUIRES the Big Stobart Mod.

So I have decided to release my Stobart AI traffic mod, it currently contains Autologic, Automotive, and ESL transporter skins as well as ESL skins for tankers and general trailers.

You can find the Stobart AI page as a child of the Big Stobart Mod page at the top.

Please note that this mod is considered to be in an alpha stage, it is very much unfinished. While I will always endeavour to make sure there is nothing game crashing, it can be hard to spot issues as it’s a matter of waiting for things to spawn in traffic.

I will slowly add more truck skins to the AI, but please understand I am limited to what vehicles can be added as I cannot make models myself. All truck ai models come from Jazzycat’s AI traffic mods.

Ideally I would love to see a Scania Highline with airkit, Mercedes (old) medium cab, New Mercs, DAF medium, and Scania Normal so that I could add tesco trucks, WS and stobart rail vehicles. But as I said, I am entirely dependant on someone else releasing paintable AI trucks to do that.

Daf E6 Skin Updates

As some of you may known Ohaha has updated his DAF mod to v1.41 and with it a minor template change. As a result I have updated some mods.

Not all mods have been updated, this is because the grill is just the stock grill, as a result I felt it prudent to save time and only really update those that needed it.

All updated mods are below.

Combos Page:

A Davies
American Sweets
Williams Transport
Yorkshire Tea

Truck Skins:

A D Ruiter
GBA Services

Stobart Truck Pack: