A gift for the Community

To me the purpose of the modding community is to share, not to trade, not to ask for money, but to give freely and without catch.

I have always given my time to skin freely and in some cases at personal cost.

So as we approach the third birthday of ETS2 (exactly one month away at the time of sharing this) I would like to give the ultimate share.

Three years ago I made some Stobart Skins, they were stolen, alot, it annoyed me. It resulted in me locking a lot of my mods.

But today I would like to share with everyone my PSD files for Stobart. Contained is the rar are eight skins, each for a truck that
Stobart do use or have used in the past. All IJ’s Mod tags have been removed (I think).

It would be nice if you give credit to me if you do use, share, or other wise show off any work based on these files. But they are now for the community to use as they wish.

Click to download.

Enjoy and drive safe.

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