AI Stobart Mod Poll V2

In game update v1.20.x SCS added the ability to attach trailers to specific cabs, so that only that cab will pull the trailer and no other AI trucks will. As a result this has lead me to reopen the topic of whether the Stobart AI truck traffic should be part of the BSM or kept separate as it is now.

In the original poll, ‘Make it require the BSM’ and ‘Put it in the BSM’ were the two top answers and only 3 votes between the two.

If I keep the two mods separate everything will continue as is; however if I make them into one mod, it will mean I can link the trailers to trucks, so only the Stobart AI trucks will pull the trailers.

So have your say, if you want to help me make a more informed decision then please also comment as to why you chose the option you did.

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