The Old Map Update Discussion

Why Old Map Areas Are Unlikely To Be Updated

So with the [accidental?] reveal of 17 new French company trailer skins in the base.scs files, it begs the question will the existing parts of France see an update or are they just filling in the missing South/West areas and will we see Spain and Portugal included.

Disclaimer: Now before I begin I just want to say, because I am a beta tester for ETS2, I just want to make it clear that I do NOT have any more information than what is publicly available everything here after is purely my opinion/speculation based on what can be found in the open beta files. 

Do I think the old parts of France will be updated?


Probably not the answer most people would like, but I think it is very unlikely that ‘old France’ or any other original map areas would ever see an update. The reason for that is time and money.

So far all map packs have been paid DLC, making map areas takes a long time and the staff making it need to be paid and SCS as a company need income as well. So this means they really have to charge for these areas.

So why does that mean no updated ‘old France’? Simply put, the new areas have their own companies, their own prefabs and models. Just like with the Scandinavian DLC. If you remember update 1.17x came with new dealership prefabs to allow for the delivery of Volvos/Scanias to appropriate dealerships and just to make them look nicer.

This content update was technically done for the DLC, but was part of the public patch; why? Because it wouldn’t really be possible for SCS to keep the old prefabs for people who don’t own the DLC, but replace it in the DLC for everyone who does buy it. Even if they could make it work, it would be two versions of the game to update all the time. So those changes would have to be shared between both parties [those who do and those who don’t own the DLC].

So that brings us to why old map areas can’t be updated. The models, prefabs/roads and companies would all have to be available to both parties, so what would we be paying for? Essentially we’d be paying for content we already have, but felt like giving money away any way.

So that pretty much rules out old map areas being updated as paid DLC. SCS could always release old map updates for free, but given the amount of work it probably isn’t feasible to do so. That said they do give us free truck updates, so it’s not completely out of the question. But IMO I would honestly rather they add more of Europe that focus too much on existing areas.

Before I move on though, I would like to say if it was an option I would gladly give SCS money through a croudfunding/kickstarter type of way if they would consider using it for old map updates.

Personally I would LOVE to see all countries redone with their own unique companies as the Scandinavia/France DLC has.

Will we see more than just France in the DLC?

Well that really is an interesting question. So far the files suggest that only France is to be included, but we obviously have no idea how when the DLC will come/how early into it they are. Other than the trailer skins there are some other assets that can be found that all have _fr markers. There are no _sp or _p* markers that would suggest Spain or Portugal.

When the Scandinavia DLC launched it came with 17 new companies shared between Denmark, Norway, and Sweden. There are also 17 new companies in the France DLC, whether they will be shared with Spain/Portugal or if they are exclusive to France there is no way to know for sure until SCS tell us themselves.

Right now my feeling is that the DLC will only be France, but I would loved to be proven wrong on that.


New AI Van Pack & AI Van Pack Update

First off the AI Van pack has been updated, this is to enable the UKMail skin. I’d missed it in the def file which stopped it from being able to spawn.

Next up is a new SCS Company AI Van Pack. This new standalone pack contains 17 skins based on the default SCS companies, the vans should spawn in all countries except the Scandinavia DLC areas. Full details can be found at the bottom of the AI Vans page.



France DLC

So for some time now there has been speculation that SCS maybe working on expanding France.

Today I found something of great interest. I was going through the trailer/company folder and low and behold what do I find? NEW companies that are not in Scandinavia DLC. Their names all have a vaguely French ring to them.

Here’s a picture of trailer skin dds files.


Because I am extremely paranoid, I completely uninstalled the game and reinstalled it just to make sure I wasn’t getting them from a beta build (I am now a beta tester) but no, these are in fact in the open beta, so anyone using the open beta on steam can access them if you extract the base.scs file.

If you can’t read the names they are as follows:

dans le jardin
GHB la raffinerie
Gomme du monde
lisette logistics
mvm carriere
nos paturages
wilnet transport

IJ’s Engine Pack

It returns; several people contacted me after I stopped updating the engine pack. I have now decided to update it and release it.

Please be aware that this mod is updated for game version 1.22.x which at the time of writing is still in open beta. This mod will crash your game if you attempt to use it on 1.21.x or older.

The pack includes one or more engines for all trucks except the Mercedes MP4. The Volvo 2012 also includes the alternate stock grill colours for most default engines.


Big Stobart Mod 6.1.22 – Bug Fix


Today sees the release of v6.1.22, unfortunately the previous release had an issue with the Scania transporter collision which would cause hilarity to ensue when the truck spawns, you know if you find AI trucks doing wheelies and jack-knifing to be hilarious.

I wasn’t intending to release another BSM until 6.2 with a full fleet of Volvo 2009 AIs included. However the Scania issue forced me to push out a fix. The good news is that the update also comes with an extra couple of goodies.

Matilda H6668 joins the pack purely to pull the Steady Eddie trailer and Debby H4700 for the Malcolm Charity trailer.



BSM v6.1.15


Once again the BSM sees a new update. The majority of updates are wheel base changes, now I have figure out what to put in the def files and models to make the chassis’s have mid and taglifts all models have been updated accordingly.

The update also brings an Elite Dreams Scania, Allports Scania, Automotive EU, and Automotive ESL. As always the change log page has a full list of updates.





Wyvern Cargo, Yorkshire Tea, and American Sweets

Three updates today. The Yorkshire Tea combo has had an update to stop AI trucks from being able to park.

American Sweets combo now includes AI truck traffic.

And a new addition to the site; Wyvern Cargo, includes one trailer with two cargo options and two Scania R topline skins both of which are in the AI as well.

As always game versions 1.21.x or above is required for packs with AI truck/trailer combos.



Marshalls & Yorkshire Tea update

Both Yorkshire Tea and Marshalls PLC have been updated to include AI truck traffic. Marshalls includes an MP4 truck skin for the bricks trailer as well as a purchasable skin for your own truck. Because Marshalls is a company replacement it will remain on the company/trailer page.

The Yorkshire Tea mod now has an AI DAF (based on Ohaha’s edit) that uses the same four skins as the purchasable skins.

Apologies for the lack of credits for the brick trailer model. I downloaded the mod some time ago and cannot remember who made the model or where I got it from.

mars marshbr