Stobart Truck skins, Volvo Lightbox, and Engines updated

Due to Ohaha updating his Volvo 2009 tweaks mod into the Volvo Classic standalone mod, I have updated the Stobart Volvo skins to work with Ohaha’s new mod.

I have also updated the Stobart lightbox for the old Volvo so those of you who do use his Volvo mod can have the lightbox back.

Be aware the lightbox will only work for the new standalone Volvo mod, and do remember that you should NOT use the lighbox from the “other mods” page if you also use the main Stobart Skins pack.

I’ve also removed some old def file wheel data that was left over from an early version of the mod.

The IJ’sEngine mod pack has also been updated, 1.22 changes the location of the volvo 2012 indicator sound file which would case the Volvo to have no indicator sounds. This has been fixed.

Big Stobart Mod v6.2 Released


So the final 2015 update for the BSM is here. This update includes some minor tweaks to fix potential cached materials issues.

The Scania T has it’s own SDC style trailer, the original classic [2] trailer has been given to two new trucks, the DAF and Volvo in classic ESL livery.

The WS Transport truck also has it’s own new curtain side trailer for both player and AI traffic.

I’ve added some new destinations for some of the Stobart cargo so you can now take them to Scandinavian areas.

I have also added a Scania 143m model in classic [70s] Stobart livery purely for the AI to go with the old trailer. Be aware approval for this model is still pending, so it may end up being removed at a later date.