Renault Grill & F1 Pack Update

For those that use it, the Renault Grill mod has been updated as the lower body work was slightly too far forward which stopped the front number plate from showing correctly. This has been fixed.


The new F1 pack is now also online.

The old aero trailer has been replaced by the box trailer made by satan and I have updated the Williams livery as well as included a Pirelli one.

This update also sees F1 AI traffic as well.

Please note: Due to space and time constraints I will no longer be offering the trailers individually, they will be in one pack only from this point on. If you are currently using the old pack, just replace it with the new mod, if you are using the only single mods you MUST remove them if you want to use the new pack.









We Stuff Things Up Too…

Quite often people message me through one form or another asking for help. They have attempted to do something and it’s not working as intended, maybe it’s a trailer, maybe it’s AI, maybe it’s just a skin issue. But inevitably something somewhere went wrong (and more often than not it’s a very simple issue). In the aftermath people have often said they feel stupid, or silly at missing such an obvious thing…

But here’s the thing, even those of us who do know exactly what they are doing stuff the basics up from time to time. I’ve just spent the last two and a half hours trying to fix something that wasn’t actually broken. But wait… there’s more!

Not only was my log full of errors nothing to do with the trailer I was ‘trying to fix’, I already knew the truck was the issue. When I was originally testing it, I noticed the problem, but I started to do something else and completely forgot, so naturally, after editing a trailer and getting errors I assumed that was the reason. I believed it so much I became fixated on the issue being related to the trailer that I couldn’t see what was right in front of me. Even when things made no sense, the error linking to a file that the trailer doesn’t even have, I was so fixated I couldn’t see the truth.

Two and a half bloody hours to not only realise the trailer wasn’t bloody broken, but two and a half hours for the fixation fog to clear and let me READ what I was looking at all along… That the error log was saying THE TRUCK THE TRUCK THE TRUCK all along.

So next time you’re struggling to follow a tutorial, just remember, when you do something stupid we’re right there with you too.


Stock SCS Vans AI

First up the SCS Stock van pack 1 has been updated, this is just to fix the mod manager image. I had left the image the same as the custom van pack icon. The mod now has an image from its own skins.

Also released is the SCS Stock van pack 2 which contains 21 skins from the Scandinavia DLC companies.

Please note: The mod is set up to only allow the van skins to spawn in the DLC countries. So if you don’t own the DLC the vans will not show for you.

However, the mod is open so if you wish to edit which countries they will/won’t show in, you are free to do so.






Big Stobart Mod & Tutorial


So naturally shortly after running out of ideas for the Big Stobart Mod, I have an idea for the BSM.

By now many of you are probably aware of, and waiting for, the BSM v6.4 which includes the Tandem in AI traffic.

During the wait for Dan to release his exclusive look at BSM v6.4 on Youtube, I ended up fixing a few things and adding the Explore Scania with 3 trailers. So the final release is actually v6.4.2 and is now available. Full details on the change log as usual.

Also worth noting; I have added a new video to the Painted AI traffic tutorial page showing how to make your own numberplate for AI traffic.



Happy New Year

So to see in the new year I have updated several mods.

BSM: Let’s start with some good news; Ekualizer has finally come back to me in regards to the Scania 143m model and we are a go. So the BSM has had a minor update to include appropriate credits in the file. If you’re using 6.3 then consider this an optional update, there is NO new content.

Mercedes Actros AI: Next up we see some new Actros traffic; I had a poll on the FB group and the majority of people seemed interested in having SCS like stock MP4 trucks in the AI. So I have released a mod to enable the Gigaspace in traffic and it should pull all available trailers, including mod trailers that haven’t been linked to specific ai cabs. Mod can be found on the “Other Mods” page.

AW Jenkinson: Then we have an AI update for A.W. Jenkinson, ai trucks include the MP4, Volvo 2012, and Scania Highline. I’ve also updated the Volvo 2009 so that the skin (and optional lightbox) works for Ohaha’s new Volvo Classic mod.

Banks of England: BoE also sees an AI update and also sees the first Renault I have made for AI. 🙂

Knowles Transport: Another update for the AI, the Volvo 2012 has been dragged into service to pull the Knowles trailer.

AI Vans: And finally we have another update for the AI Vans. This update sees two UK skins U-Benders, and British Heart Foundation. The latter is a replacement for the fictional green/yellow Plumbers van.

Hungary also sees a new livery in

And finishing up with two Slovakian skins in lokapetit, and Goro30.