Painted AI Vans Update & Workshop

Okay so now that SCS have officially announced that the workshop is on the way in the next game updates for both ETS and ATS, I am proud to announce that All my AI van packs will be available from day one on the Steam Workshop.

All my ETS2 van packs are on the workshop and I have also released an SCS company pack for ATS as well, this will be available to download from this site once Workshop goes live, but for now it is a Workshop exclusive.

This page will always be the main source for my mods, and few will see the workshop. The reason I have chosen not to add all my mods to the workshop is simple, the workshop does not use the .scs file format which means we cannot compress files. Mods like my Big Stobart Mod that are 350mb are over 1gig in size uncompressed, as I am sure you can imagine, I do not want to upload 1gig of files each time there is an update.

The main van pack with real life company skins has also been updated, a few skins have been removed and a couple of new ones added.

A full list of changes can be found on the change log page, as for the new things well here’s a preview.


Kenworth W900 Templates

The templates for the Kenworth W900 have been added to the rar files in both the PNG and PSD formats.

Unlike the other two models, there’s only two PNG templates, the B and C are identical so I didn’t see the point in adding the C hi roof (green part) as a separate PNG. Instead I just included it on the main BC template.


New Tutorial – ETS2 to ATS

So in the wake of ATS’s official release a lot of truck ports have been happening. Unfortunately a lot of them have many issues that will make them incompatible with other mods.

It seems a lot of these people just wanted to rush things out so they could say “first” which lets face it, is the dumbed thing you can do. Mod incompatibility can caused all sorts of profile issues including destroying it. So it is imperative you make truck ports 100% stand alone.

But I have seen many that continue to use files that link to ETS2 trucks instead of updating them to be unique.

The biggest error I have seen is people altering the truck dealer files instead of making their own. By editing the truck dealer file you can actually wipe out someone’s Kenworth or Peterbilt dealer entirely. Not to mention 0% compatibility with other truck mods that also replace the file instead of making their own.

So on that note, I have written a tutorial for porting. The intent of the tutorial is more to point out all the text files that need editing/making unique to make it 100% standalone, I have added notes about missing mat files and textures at the bottom, but if you are porting over a truck I would imagine you have so blender skills any way and will recognise these issues on your own.

The link can be found with the other tutorials under the modding & tutorials page.

Please be aware I haven’t had time to check this tutorial, it is possible I have missed something [insert irony here]. But I believe it is complete. If you do have issues not covered, give me a nudge and I will take a look.

BSM Update


A potential compatibility issues was brought to my attention. The issue was caused by me using the default names of SCS trailers in the latest addition rather than giving them new unique names as I normally do. If you happen to be using another mod with the same cargo it would cause trailers not to appear in game.

This issue has been fixed and version 6.4.3 is now available to download.


In other news, I have spent most of the past week playing with a Kenworth K200 in ATS.


American Truck Sim

The eagle eye’d amongst you may have already noticed the ATS page (linked at the top of the page) is up and has been most of the day.

There’s currently the XP mod, the money mod, the no yawn mod (this is the same as the ETS2 one, no changes required.) I have also included the templates.

The templates come in two options PNG files for people using programs like paint, and PSD files for people who can open them and make use of the layered abilities of such programs. Everything is checked and working. But please be aware, the person that tested these for me was using the press release version of the game. This is a pre-release version so it is entirely possible that they may require updating (particularly the Peterbilt Template) when the official release hits on Wednesday.

As I mentioned on my group, I probably won’t be releasing too much ATS wise, I will continue to focus more on ETS2. But anything I do release will go on the ATS page.