Kenworth W900 Templates

The templates for the Kenworth W900 have been added to the rar files in both the PNG and PSD formats.

Unlike the other two models, there’s only two PNG templates, the B and C are identical so I didn’t see the point in adding the C hi roof (green part) as a separate PNG. Instead I just included it on the main BC template.


9 thoughts on “Kenworth W900 Templates”

  1. When I use this for a skin in game using the same method I did with your 579 template, the elements aren’t in the correct place. For example the back of the cab graphics ended up on the hood. Does this have the correct rotation? Did I miss something? Thanks.

  2. hi,dear. i have a question.i know it is simple. but i am not creating mod for ats before that.i am seeing the template.but i cannot find mudflaps. if i want to create can i done that.thanks.

  3. hi,i know i have a problem in photoshop.but i donot know what is the problem
    when i am adding the png picture in the base doesnot have any problem and skin works fine in the game.
    but when i am adding in the back of cab a.and using the mod.nothing in the back.but in the ets studio ,skin is correct.but other things in the base was fine.
    i am using psd file of american truck template

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