Painted AI Vans Update & Workshop

Okay so now that SCS have officially announced that the workshop is on the way in the next game updates for both ETS and ATS, I am proud to announce that All my AI van packs will be available from day one on the Steam Workshop.

All my ETS2 van packs are on the workshop and I have also released an SCS company pack for ATS as well, this will be available to download from this site once Workshop goes live, but for now it is a Workshop exclusive.

This page will always be the main source for my mods, and few will see the workshop. The reason I have chosen not to add all my mods to the workshop is simple, the workshop does not use the .scs file format which means we cannot compress files. Mods like my Big Stobart Mod that are 350mb are over 1gig in size uncompressed, as I am sure you can imagine, I do not want to upload 1gig of files each time there is an update.

The main van pack with real life company skins has also been updated, a few skins have been removed and a couple of new ones added.

A full list of changes can be found on the change log page, as for the new things well here’s a preview.


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